EAA14 has some of the finest facilities of any EAA Chapter. With ample tie down space, meeting and food facilities, building spaces and hangars, the Brown Field location is the perfect place for aviation enthusiasts to gather and work.

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The San Diego EAA Chapter is part of the largest organization of sport aviation in the country. Through the EAA Chapter Program, our members have access to information, support and comraderie with pilots who participate in experimental aviation from around the world.

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Every month at the general meeting of the members, there is a special speaker that provides important information for the members. Presentations include aviation safety, aviation maintenance, regulations, construction tips and other topics of interest.

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A new arrival this week in our tie-down area at Chapter 14 was a Cessna 170 – N328A, perhaps a refugee from the expensive real estate at Gillespie. The owner is Brett Stephens from La Mesa (name courtesy of the FAA N-number listing – there's no privacy any more). We welcome another airplane to our collection which continues to expand, so we hope he is a permanent resident.

The monthly general membership meeting attracted a relatively small number - about thirty by my count, although there were probably another few elsewhere, too busy on other projects, in which case they missed a good session. Among the announcements were a fly-in at our neighboring ultralight airport, Nichols Field, on August 9th ; I understood it would be permissible to fly in in the morning of the event. Then on August 30th, another fly-in, drive-in at Oceanside Airport, with antique cars and perhaps airplanes to match. Pete Grootendorst, Safety Director, passed on compliments to Chapter 14 from the Airports Administration for its record of safe operations. He also reminded members that construction on the east end of runway 26R will start later in the fall; details of how this will affect airport operations to be announced.

Mark Albert, Young Eagles Coordinator, announced a total of 130 YE's flown for the year, plus 32 “Old Eagles”; this number will be increased significantly next Saturday when we expect to have about 30 junior Midshipmen, presently on the Midway carrier, organized by Bob Johnson. Should be a busy day. We need pilots! With Mark's possible absence on that day, he has delegated his duties to Ed Watson and Rich Czarniecki.

The speaker for the month was Rick Swanson, a regular presenter at our meetings. This time his subject was long-distance flying by sailplane; he has been involved in this activity for many years, and gave an entertaining and informative talk about what it requires in planning and execution. He himself has made flights of over 500 kilometers , so he is well qualified to make the presentation, which was full of information about weather and terrain considerations, equipment and so on. He illustrated it with many photos of the beautiful sailplane which he flies (in addition to the Cessna 210 in which he arrived).

Good news on the Cassutt engine: disassembly won't be required after all. With much research on the Internet, Jerry Williams figured out where the problem lay, and with some delicate and painstaking work he managed to take care of the oil distribution mystery. Also good news on the Grumman cylinder which Ryan has been working on – it seems that the replacement cylinder which had been purchased wasn't as advertised, however that has been sorted out and it's ready to be installed on the airplane..


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