EAA14 has some of the finest facilities of any EAA Chapter. With ample tie down space, meeting and food facilities, building spaces and hangars, the Brown Field location is the perfect place for aviation enthusiasts to gather and work.

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The San Diego EAA Chapter is part of the largest organization of sport aviation in the country. Through the EAA Chapter Program, our members have access to information, support and comraderie with pilots who participate in experimental aviation from around the world.

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Every month at the general meeting of the members, there is a special speaker that provides important information for the members. Presentations include aviation safety, aviation maintenance, regulations, construction tips and other topics of interest.

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Three U.S. senators Tuesday introduced the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act as a companion bill to one unveiled in the House of Representatives in December, which includes a provision that would reform airman medical certificate standards while maintaining safety.

You can read the full story HERE and we would encourage you to follow through by sending a a pre-fab'd letter to your representative in Congress. EAA national makes this very easy to do (you don't even have to know who your rep is if your not Politically inclined), you just need to plug in your zip code and EAA does the rest.

An abbreviated report this week, the result of my infrequent attendance at our facility due to prior commitments elsewhere.

Some time in the week, the “west wing” was attached to our new Hangar #6 on Old Charlie Taxiway; the remaining major task is the installation of the tilt-up center door, which is very heavy and will probably require a number of volunteers to do the job.

Hanger Six Front

 Hanger Six Coming on Line Soon


Arriving late on Saturday, I was just in time to take part in the lunch put on by Gene Lenard and his helpers. Thirty five or so diners enjoyed the ham and cheese sandwiches – cold or grilled according to taste. Good stuff.

Docs dinner 2

Another great lunch .... Ham & Cheese Sandwiches -- Hot or  Cold


As you may see in the attached photos by Bob Osborn, we had a valuable addition to the Eagles Nest, courtesy of Rich Czarneicki, who made up a beautifully crafted folding table to accommodate some of our flight simulators. An improvement over the previous arrangement using standard tables, this can be folded down to allow more space for the chairs used for the video presentations to the Young Eagles.

Mark 2

 New Eagles Nest Flight Simulator Table


Another contribution to the Eagles Nest, by Ron Shipley, was a basic flight simulator, with the “sacred six” flight instruments, set up for VOR/ILS practice, still the standard method of instrument approaches. It will give some of these GPS guys something of a work-out.

I'm sure there were other items of note this week, so I apologise for not being able to include them. Next week won't be much better, as I'm out of town for the weekend. So, hold your collective breaths until the following week, when this gossip column returns.


This fifth Saturday in March brought a surprisingly large turn-out of members and guests – usually the nunbers twindle towards the end of the month. Perhaps it was the fine weather after a few overcast days, or maybe it was just the vagaries of probabilities – who knows? Anyhow, forty or more showed up for a busy day at Chapter 14, and to enjoy the pulled pork lunch provided by Bob Johnson and son; Bob, as local chief of the UFO's, hosted a large gathering of these Flying Octagenarians, who no doubt contributed to the lunch count. Flying in to take part in the meeting were Frank Himmerich from Borrego Valley, Sparky in his KR, Joe Pribilo in his Luscombe and a number of others others who I missed – Bob will no have the details in his report. Also adding to the numbers of diners were some home-school parents, who were checking out our credentials prior to bringing their boys and girls to take part in our Young Eagles program. John Knolla was kind enough to take the parents in hand to explain to them the purpose of the program, what it can offer to young people, and how we make it work in our Chapter. It seems as though we were approved.

Our Canadian member, Pete Couchman, had planned on leaving on Wednesday to return to his home base in Rimbey, Alberta, but he had to cancel that as a result of bad weather in the Pacific northwest, however when I arrived at SDM on Saturday, his tie-down spot was empty so I assume he is on his way. It's a long journey in a Piper Pacer, hope it goes well for you Pete. Send us an email about the trip!

Also about to depart after his cold-weather stay in San Diego is Bob Soderquist, to whom I owe a great deal for his help in the construction of my brand-new hangar, now occupied by my RV. I don't know how many joints he welded and how many sheet-metal screws he installed, but there were a bunch! A great job by a good guy, we need more like him.

During the week, a remarkable job by Chuck Stiles in moving much of our recently-donated T-hangar (Hangar #6?) from its temporary storage spot to our newly acquired area on Old Taxiway Charlie. How he did this single-handedly I can't imagine. A few parts remain to be moved, then comes the job of fastening everything together.

Other fly-ins on Saturday were Gary Adalian in his mini-biplane Acrosport, and at the other end of the spectrum Bill Allen in his humungous Stearman, to park in the exibition spot in fron tof Hangar 1. The Snoopy blimp lurked at the east end of the field, waiting for its cue to overfly the LPGA tournament at the Aviara resort. Of course, we had the usual Buckers and the Helio in attendance.

Larry Rothrock gave advice to member Clint Martin on his recent purchase of a Varieze from the estate of Ron Schuler. It's nearly ready to fly, needing only some elecrical details. Clint is an ex-Fedex pilot, now flies charter which he finds much more satisfactory. Larry himself has been taxi-testing his own Varieze, everything OK so far.

Always plenty going on at Chapter 14!

Happy (and safe) flying!

A successful week for Chapter 14! First came the completion of the replacement of my old hangar by the team of Ryan, Bob Soderquist, Tom Kelly and Chuck Stiles, working together at top speed, cutting, welding and sheeting to allow my RV to enjoy its new premises in record time – so much space now I can take in renters. I'm truly grateful for all the work that they have done in such a short time. Also, of course, to the Chapter for the funding by which the materials were puchased. Meanwhile, since it's springtime, so the sparrows, finches, etc., were delighted to have found a new home for their nests - it didn't take long.


Also in the week, the inspection of our hangars by the San Diego City representatives went off with only a minor hitch or two, with a passing grade. At the same time, we have had approval from the City to start work on installing hangars on our newly-leased portion of Old Taxiway Charlie - more work for our dedicated construction crew, who never seem to tire. More details on this will be following, however it's sure to require additional help from the membership, lots of heavy hauling to be done.

 Where to put hanger 6

A surprise donation came from Dave Beiber, owner of the Lancair FBO on the field; this consisted of a complete bead-blasting unit, with a mighty compressor to provide the air supply. Also some work benches to complement the equipment. Now we have to figure out where it's all going to go, as we are running out of space in our hangars. Time to get rid of some more junk!


This Saturday, the fourth in the month, was to be our regular breakfast fly-out day, under the direction of the coordinator, Rich Czarniecki. (on a side note: to distinguish ourselves from similar positions in other countries, the official acronym for our United States representatives will now be DOOFUS, and organizers should always be addressed accordingly, for instance: Hey, DOOFUS, why didn't you tell us where we were going to meet?). The planned destination was to be Chino, however Saturday dawned rather gloomy with cloud bases around 3000 feet MSL– not bad if we were in Iowa, but here in California there are lots of mountains around when you're trying to get from here to there. Checking en route weather suggested that it would be possible to get through with a minimum of scud-running, so around 9:30 three airplanes launched from SDM and arrived at Chino without incident- hardly anyone got lost. Flying in were Joe Russo and Denny Goodwin (Grumman Traveler), Rich Czarniecki and Kevin Roche (also a Traveler) and me in my RV. On arrival, we found Jim Wright (Cessna 172) waiting for us - not a member, but a welcome guest. Chino is a wonderful destination, airplanes of every imaginable type to be seen – DC-3's. a Constellation, Liberator, D-18's, SAAB Viggen fighters, and scores of other rare types. Well worth a visit when you have all day to check things out.

Pilots and passengers repaired to Flo's Cafe for a late breakfast, always a busy place where it's guaranteed you'll add a few pounds and a few inches to your waist-line. Then , after a quick visit to Chapter 92's facility and some friendly exchanges there, it was time to return to Brown Field, a little bumpier than the way up, and some low clouds again en route, but no real problems, and good practice for less-than-perfect flying conditions.

The travelers, of course, missed the lunch prepared by Ryan and Larry Rothrock, so not many details about that, although it seems that there was much discussion afterwards about the plan for locating the hangars on our new leased property. Also, Larry allowed that he had made an engine run on his Varieze, after some years of repose; he claimed it had started on the first swing, and purred like a kitten. Well, maybe. Next will be taxi and brake tests.

Enough ramblings for this week. Happy flying!

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