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Another hot day in San Diego, although not as warm as forecast: around 90F (33C) at SDM, just about bearable. So, in spite of the temperature, it was surprising that we had such a good turn-out of Young Eagles, accompanied by their parents, many of whom signed up for Eagle flights. We also had a good showing of pilots: Armond Bratland, Frank Himmerich (who was escaping the desert heat), Ron Shipley, Jerry Boughner, Pete Grootendorst, and, of course, Ryan. The final tally was 14 YE's and 8 Eagles, the latter the largest number we have seen; certainly it was good to see the parents participating in the flying activity. I'm told that one signed up to take more flights with Pete Grootendorst.

As I was busy wrestling with a non-responsive certificate printer (turned out it was my own fault), I didn't have a chance to see who flew in, but my impression was that not many did, other than our YE pilots. One highly unusual sight was a formation of three airplanes all towing advertising banners, as you can see in Bob Osborn's photo. He didn't quite manage to include the airplanes, however you can see the two flags and the “Paris Hilton” message. I wonder who arranged this? Of course, the F-18's and the skydiver aircraft always put in their regular appearance.

With all the Young Eagles and parents, plus the regular members, it was a busy lunchtime; there were fifty or more diners filling Hangar One. Fortunately, Bob Osborn and Richard West (who supplied the iced tea, very welcome on this warm day) were there to help out. They also did a good job on clean-up, assisted by Kim Dodds, long-time member now resident in Hawaii, over here for a few months. He swept up the remnants of lunch.

Rich Czarniecki was soliciting pilots, passengers, and airplanes for this month's fly-out – a short trip to French Valley, where a forum is being held on alternative engines for airplanes. Should be interesting. There's good restaurant there as well.

I should mention new member Joe Gursky, an expert computer manipulator, who provided up-dated equipment to our Young Eagles flight simulator, and has magically re-positioned the printing on the YE flight certificates so that I don't have to cut a quarter of an inch off them any more. Thanks, Joe – we needed someone like you.

Earlier in the week, Ryan flew his Glasair to Tucson to inspect a possible airplane purchase, however he couldn't come to an agreement on price with owner, so a fruitless trip. It was a fast one, however: two hours there, 2:15 coming back. Those Glasairs are slick!

Until next week, keep the clean side up and the dirty side down!





Alert ....... !

The FAA is proposing 'Hanger Usage' rules you should know about. Grab the following docs to come up to speed on the the FAA proposal and what the local community is planning.
The San Diego Airport Advisory Committee (AAC) will be discussing the proposal during it's September 2nd meeting. The meeting is open to the public.

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