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Beautiful Aviation Propellers for Wall ArtPosted: 12-5-2016

Experimental Propellers for sale  

 4 aluminum     formally used for formula 1 racers     3 polished 1 waiting to be polished   

1 wood pusher

1 Cessna Klip Tip     

These props will make beautiful aviation art work for the creative fabricator 

F-1 Props  $200.00  Wood Pusher  $100 OBO   Klip-Tip  inspect and make offer 


Asking Price:     Best Offer
Contact:   Sales Rep   @   czarneucci@cox.net
Parts, Propellers, Lots of stuff!Posted: 10-1-2016

Check out the photos below to see all the parts we have avalailable for sale. These parts are avialable for local pickup only, the best time to see them will be during out Octoberfest fly-in on the 29th of October.



Asking Price:     Best Offer
Contact:   Hanger Meister   @   619-231-9876