EAA Chapter 14 -- Brown Field (KSDM) - 1409 Continental St. - San Diego, CA 92154-5707
Chapter Checkpoints -- July 15, 2017

Some success this week in Hangar 3 – Mark Albert completed the careful sealing of his leaking fuel tank, checked it out by the balloon inflation method; no leaks! After the re-installation of the tank came the calibration of the replaced fuel sender using the original fuel gauge; this involved filling the tank one gallon at a time and observing the reading on the gauge, a tedious business as it had to be done both in the ground and flight attitudes. The readings didn't track the fuel levels very accurately – partly because the one gallon container turned out to be holding over a gallon by a measurable amount; so, it will have to be done all over again. Moral: always verify the test conditions first!


Other than that, I completed my annual condition inspection, which, among other things, involves squirming down the tail cone – of course there was little there to go wrong, and anyhow I'm getting too old to do this sort of thing. I'll be looking for a skinny twenty-year-old volunteer next year.


General membership day started as usual with our famous pancake breakfast, hosted once again by Kevin Roche, this time assisted (a loose term) by Larry Rothrock and Gary List. In spite of their help, around thirty or so customers were quite satisfied.


After the preliminary flag ceremony, President Gene Hubbard called on any guests to make themselves known; five or six responded, one from our near-by Chapter 96 – always good to see another Chapter checking us out. Our treasurer, Gary List, is doing double duty representing the pilot community from Brown Field at the monthly meeting of the San Diego Airport Advisory Committee; he reported that at MYF, in coming months there will be occasional runway closures – both R28R and 28L, if I heard correctly, so that's something to be aware of. There will be meeting (where?) on 24th August to discuss the master plan for SDM – no doubt details to be announced, however it should be worth attending. We are working on our part of this. As part of the study, the City will be conducting a survey of the current lessees.


Sundry items: we have currently 182 members; a new refrigerator has been purchased; lunch responsibilities to be assigned.


Kerry Powell, Program Director, announced that next month, our Chapter 14 member Reg Finch will discuss the Sustainable Aviation Symposium – electric powered airplanes and so forth, which he recently attended. He then introduced the speaker for the day, Jeff Riolo, who is part of the FAA Safety Team, and is responsible for overseeing the UAV (unpiloted aerial vehicles) for the local FSDO. To summarize his presentation, he described the rules for the two types of UAV's permitted: recreational pilots, who have no training requirements, but are subjected to various altitudes and distances from airports, and commercial pilots, who must undergo some training and request FAA permission for flying over designated areas. The regulations are somewhat murky at present, and there are many unresolved problems.


Lunch was under the care of Alan Sparkes, who served up the ever-popular meat lasagna, accompanied by all the appropriate accessories. Good job, Alan.


And lastly, we welcomed back Joe Russo, looking good after his heart surgery – just what he needed. Good to see you again, Joe; now to work on re-instating your flight physical.