EAA Chapter 14 -- Brown Field (KSDM) - 1409 Continental St. - San Diego, CA 92154-5707
About Chapter 14

Thank you very much for your interest in our San Diego Chapter 14 of the Experimental Aircraft Association. We are an organization of persons who come from all walks of life and age groups, but who collectively enjoy a common bond...an interest in all things involving aviation. As our name might imply, much of the activity within our membership involves the selection, construction and flight test of aircraft built buy individuals and licensed according to the guidelines for experimental aircraft, set forth by the FAA. As a practical matter, however, it might be more appropriate to call ourselves "The San Diego Sport Aviation Association" for a very large number of our members own and fly Cessnas, Citrabrias, Bonanzas, and almost every kind of aircraft from Ultralites to jet trainers and fighters.


Our Chapter Hangars and meeting facilities are located at San Diego's Brown Field, next to the control tower. Our hangars are open every Saturday of the year and you will often find members working with their aircraft on most every other day of the week as well. Because of San Diego's wonderful climate we are able to enjoy a mini-fly-in on nearly every Saturday and server lunch to members and guest on EVERY SATURDAY.

On the second Saturday of each month we welcome young people between the ages of eight and seventeen years of age to come tour our location and experience the thrill of flight. There is no charge to them and it has been our experience that their interest in aviation often inspires them to take a renewed interest in study and academic achievement.

Our General Membership Meeting is held on the third Saturday of each month. We start that day with a pancake breakfast at 07:30 am, hold our general meeting at 10:00 am and serve lunch at about 11:30. All types of aircraft are always available for viewing, weather permitting.

Chapter 14 also has many other advantages to the membership

  • Tape Library - Our tape library contains over 642 tapes on many interesting and informative subjects. These tapes may be checked out by members for a period of one week. Learn from and enjoy these videos from the comfort of your home. More are being added as events occur, or as they are contributed by generous donations.
  • Literature Library - Contains many technical books and back issues of the major aviation magazines.
  • Chapter 14 Tool Library - Our tool library is on the small side, but it is still growing. To check out tools, please check with any Director or Technical Advisor.
  • Award winning Newsletter  - check out the past issues of the newsletter which are available online.
  • Web Site - Our web site has a wealth of information for chapter members.

We hope that you will consider joining our group and adding your friendship to our Chapter 14 membership, which we like to say is the "Friendliest Chapter".

If all this sounds too good to pass up, fill out your Membership Form today.